Publications of YB IPT RAS members for 2018 year

  1. Bachurin V.I., Izyumov M.O., Amirov I.I., Shuvaev N.O. Sputtering of silicon and silicon dioxide by low-energy ions of dense nitrogen and argon plasma. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2018, Volume 82, Issue 2, pp 127-130.
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  3. Zvezdin N.Yu., Paporkov V.A., Prokaznikov A.V., Tsarev I.S. Analysis of Different Contributions into the Magnetooptical Signal of Magnetophotonic Crystal Type Three-Dimensional Structures. Technical Physics. 2018. Vol. 63. Issue 6, pp 866-875.
  4. Selyukov R.V., Naumov V.V., Vasilev S.V. The influence of film thickness on annealing-induced grain growth in Pt films. Technical Physics. 2018. Vol. 63. Issue 6, pp 900-907.
  5. Zimin S.P., Amirov I.I., Naumov V.V., Guseva K.E. The formation of hollow lead structures on the surface of PbSe films treated in argon plasma. Technical Physics Letters. 2018. Vol. 44. Issue 6, pp 518-521.
  6. Amirov I.I., Gorlachev E.S., Mazaletskiy L.A., Izyumov M.O., Alov N.V. Self-formation of a nanonet of fluorinated carbon nanowires on the Si surface by combined etching in fluorine-containing plasma. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2018, Vol. 51, P. 11LT01.
  7. Postnikov A.V., Uvarov I.V., Penkov N.V., Svetovoy V.B. Collective behavior of bulk nanobubbles produced by alternating polarity electrolysis. Nanoscale, 2018, Vol. 10, P. 428-435.
  8. Uvarov I.V., Lokhanin M.V., Postnikov A.V., Melenev A.E., Svetovoy V.B. Electrochemical membrane microactuator with a millisecond response time. Sensors and Actuators B, 2018, Vol. 260, P. 12-20.
  9. Presnov D.E., Bozhev I.V., Miakonkikh A.V., Simakin S.G., Trifonov A.S., Krupenin V.A. Local sensor based on nanowire field effect transistor from inhomogeneously doped silicon on insulator. Journal of Applied Physics 123, 054503 (2018).
  10. Uvarov I.V., Kupriyanov A.N. Stiction-protected MEMS switch with low actuation voltage. Microsystem Technologies (2018),


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