Passport and Visa

A foreigner traveling to Russia should have a valid passport (expire date should be not earlier than 6 months after the date of visitor's departure from Russia) and an appropriate visa.

To get a visa, a visitor has to submit to a Russian Embassy or Consulate an official letter of invitation authorized by the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs.

Each participant (and accompanying persons) who needs a visa will timely get such a letter if he (she) sends a copy of the page of a passport with photo by e-mail to Organizing Committee ( as attached graphic file (or by fax +7(4852)24-65-52 ).

We are strongly advice to offer these data to Organizing Committee by March 1, 2012, at the latest. Please, follow these recommendations and apply for a visa as soon possible after receiving an original copy of the invitation to ensure that the visa is issued timely.

More detailed information on visa application procedure is available on the following web-page

Контактная информация

e-mail :
Александр Степанович Рудый
(председатель оргкомитета)
директор Ярославского Филиала
Физико-технологического института РАН
тел./факс +7(4852) 24-65-52
Олег Станиславович Трушин
(зам. председателя оргкомитета)
к.ф.-м.н., с.н.с.,
тел./факс +7(4852) 24-65-52