General information

The II International Conference
"Modern problems in the physics of surfaces and nanostructures (ICMPSN2012) "
will be held in May 23-25, 2012 in Yaroslavl, Russia

Just before opening the conference on 22 May 2012 there will Summer School for young researchers

Conference is covering wide area of research in the field of physics of surface and nanostructures and is focused on recent progress in that area.

Focus and topics of the conference:

  • physics of atoms, molecules and nanostructures (steps, clusters and islands) on surfaces,
  • physics of thin films, processes of thin film growth,
  • growth, self-organization and stability of nanostructures
  • self-organization of surfaces and nanostructuring, surface phase transitions,
  • surface magnetism, magnetic nanostructures, spintronics,
  • dynamics of surfaces and nanostructures
  • surface diffusion and growth
  • electronic and optical properties of surfaces, surface plasmonics
  • Interaction of ions with surfaces
  • physics of thin films and multilayer structures
  • physics of atomic clusters and nanostructures
  • MEMS and NEMS
  • surface chemical reactions and nanocatalysis
  • Nano/microscale heat and mass transfer. Radiative properties of nanomaterials
  • new experimental techniques to study surfaces
  • novel theoretical and computer simulation techniques in surface physics
  • nanocomposite materials for electrochemical power source

The experimental techniques discussed include physics and technology of nanofabrication and thin film growth. On the theoretical side, particular attention will be paid to coarse-graining methods to study nanoscale structures starting from microscopic calculations.

Yaroslavl is an ancient russian city, located in Central Russia region on Volga river ( 280 km from Moscow) and belongs to so called "Golden Ring of Russia". This city is of major touristic destination for tourists visiting Russia. It has numerous historical buildings and othodox churches dated from 16-19th century.

Our conference will be held on the base of "PARK-HOTEL YAROSLAVL" . Park-hotel is located in the beautiful park area in the suburb of Yaroslavl on the Kotorosl river bank , 15 minutes drive from the downtown center.

Orginizers and sponsors

Work languages of the conference are English and Russian

Registration Fee is 100 USD and it includes:

  • Organization costs
  • Book of abstracts
  • Cultural program (2 sightseeing tours)

Contact us

Alexander Rudy (head of orginizing committee)
head of the Yaroslavl Branch
of the Institute of Physics and Technology RAS
tel./fax +7(4852) 24-65-52
Oleg Trushin (deputy head of orginizing committee)
senior researcher
tel./fax +7(4852) 24-65-52