Park-hotel «Yaroslavl»

Address: village Krasnye Tkachi, Yaroslavl region, Russia; telephone on hotel reception: 7 (4852) 43-79-80

Park Hotel Yaroslavl is located in the village Krasnye Tkachi of Yaroslavl Region, Russia, 15 km away from Yaroslavl city. Hotel consists of two multystore block buildings and several cotteges. There are forest and river nearby. There are several recreation facilities on the territory of the hotel, including horse training center, tennis court, restourant, fireplace for barbeque, swimming pool, turkish sauna.

Yaroslavl is located 280 km north east from Moscow. You can go to Yaroslavl by train or bus from Moscow. The trip takes about 4 hours. Please contact organizing committee for travel planning.

How to get to the place

  • From central bus terminal take bus # 105 untill stop "Krasnye Tkachi". Then walk about 2 km.
  • From railway station "Yaroslavl Glavny" - take shuttle bus # 39, 47, 71, 72, 76, 97 untill stop " Central Bus Terminal"
  • From Railway station by TAXI directly to the hotel location. It costs about 360 Rub (12 USD).

Bus Transfer at the Arrival day

Organizing committee will rent a bus to arrange bus transfer for our guest at the day of arrival (on 22d of May). The bus will be waiting for participants of the conference just outside of the railway station "YAROSLAVL GLAVNY" at 23-00 (local time) on 22d of May 2012. The bus will provide transfer from the station to the PARK-HOTEL YAROSLAVL.


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Contact us

e-mail: icmpsn@yf-ftian.ru
Alexander Rudy (head of orginizing committee)
head of the Yaroslavl Branch
of the Institute of Physics and Technology RAS
e-mail: rudy@yf-ftian.ru
tel./fax +7(4852) 24-65-52
Oleg Trushin (deputy head of orginizing committee)
senior researcher
tel./fax +7(4852) 24-65-52
e-mail: icmpsn@yf-ftian.ru